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January 30, 2008

Twitter and Continued Beta Testing

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I played a bit with getting nshrine hooked up with twitter. It was amusing and made it so that direct messages to twitter user ‘nshrine’ would go into a twitter shrine. Though this shows some promise and utility, I wasn’t happy with the fact that the nshrine user had to follow another user before receiving direct messages from them, though I completely agree with twitter’s decision to make this limitation. Once nshrine gets a bit more popular, I’ll hook this up again and make it so that the nshrine member with autofollow anyone following it. Right now, there’s no reason to be hitting twitter’s servers that much.

I’m still getting great feedback from some of the beta testers. Do let me know if you’ve found any bugs or confusing bits.

January 27, 2008

Beta Test Feedback

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I’ve received a lot of good comments, particularly regarding the awkwardness of registration/logging in for the first time. I hope to have things smoothed out soon.

Keep the comments coming! artwells@nshrine.com

January 23, 2008


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The launch on the 21st was a success. The initial round of errors were mostly typos . (Note: Don’t drop ‘Proofreading’ from launch checklist.)

At any rate, it seems like even the fancy OpenID login bits worked as expected. Some shrines have been created, and all the major browser groups have been able to make the site work.

Next on the list is to prettify the design a bit, add some help, or tours, or at least a feature list, and then on to creating the premium features (which all the early beta testers are going to have for free, btw).

Watch this space for more.

January 20, 2008

Born Blind

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I think tomorrow will be the day I invite others to see nshrine. This has been well over a year in playing. Tomorrow may be a very good day.