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February 17, 2008

Move complete. Oracula closed to new accounts.

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nshrine.com moved to a small slice at slicehost. Things went remarkably smoothly and performance is noticably faster. I still ahven’t decided what the added flexibility will mean, but for now, I can be certain that mail integration is a distinct possiblity.

Another plus, the icon and other images used within shrines will be on a separate virtual server. This will allow moving it to another machine, or at least a featureless server when the time comes.

This blog will remain on dreamhost for the year, probably. At some point it will move into the slice with the rest.

Since nshrine is now ready to take on new shrines and memorials, I’ve shut down new accounts and new shrines on oracula. I did it near the end of the work day, so I didn’t give it much thought. I should have. PEople have been making shrines on the oracula for over ten years. Today was a big deal.

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