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May 15, 2008

Paging for Shrines and Ongoing Ad Changes

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Today’s launch includes paging for shrines. Some shrines have had hundreds of candles placed in them and this has led to large pages too large to be appreciated. I’ve programmed arrow keys to appear on shrines with more than eight candles. I may move this number up over time. You can see an example of the arrows at work on the play shrine. Let me know what you think.

Also, some of you may have noticed a change in shrine advertising (for shrines that have ads on them, that is). I’ve placed a block of text ads at the bottom of each page instead of ads at the top. I’ve also enabled a per-session ad-free option for all visitors and all shrines. If a visitor clicks on the “Remove Ads From This Shrine” button (for those shrines that don’t have this button disabled), ads will be removed for that visitor for 20 minutes. I am experimenting with different advertising services, so please let me know if you see any offensive ads or malfunctions with your shrines. Thanks.

The Sichuan Earthquake

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In response to the horrible earthquake in China, I created The Sichuan Earthquake Shrine and removed the ads from it. I was hoping to find some correctly formatted ads from the Red Cross or other emergency assistance groups, but failed. I’ll keep looking.

May 1, 2008

Ad Free Shrines

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I’m pleased to announce the availability of premium ad-free service for all shrines. I’ve set up a sample ad free shrine to show what it looks like. As you can see, not only are the ads removed, but also much of the nshrine.com-related navigation.

This of course comes with a small fee. Prices can be seen on the example shrine page. For a limited time, owners of shrines created before April 24th 2008 can get some free ad free time for their shrines. Click on the shrine’s “Make This Shrine Ad” button to learn more.

More features will be added to the “ad free” premium mode as time goes on. Keep the suggestions and feedback coming! Email artwells@nshrine.com.