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June 19, 2008

Shrine Directory Coming

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The number of shrines grows at nshrine.com, as does the number of candles and the new members. Welcome all.

To help visitors discover new shrines, nshrine.com will soon have directories of shrines. In order to preserve the low profile many shrines currently have, the option to keep shrines out of directory listings is now available. To remove your shrines, log in to account and click on the ‘Edit’ button for the shrine you wish to de-list. The option to remove a shrine from listings is in the
‘Change Shrine Settings’ panel.

Removing a shrine from directories won’t make it completely hidden–people will still be able to visit from links to your shrine on other sites or through search engines, The ability to close the shrine to all but your own account, your friends, or to nshrine members in general is coming soon to ad-free shrines.

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