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July 9, 2008

Advertising Free Shrines For A Week

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Thanks to all of you, nshrine.com is becoming a success.  To celebrate several minor milestones this week, I’ve made all current shrines advertising free for a week.  Those of you that have ad-free shrines already will have one free week added.

To learn how to keep your shrines ad-free status, you can click on the “Keep Ads Off This Shrine” button on any ad-free shrine.  (In shrines with advertisements, you will be able to find this information through the “Remove Ads From This Shrine” button.)  If you don’t want to have the Keep/Remove buttons in your shrine, you can block this through the “Change Shrine Settings”.

If you haven’t checked your shrine out in a while, or haven’t visited others, now is a good time.  You can start here:
If you haven’t got any shrines yet, get started

Thanks again for using nshrine and spreading the word.

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