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December 12, 2008

Twitter Candles

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You may now add candles using twitter. If you have an account and would like to add a candle at nshrine just send a message beginning with “@nshrine”. You’ll receive a reply with a link to the candle in the
twitter shrine.

You can also add candles to other shrines and use any of the available candle colors. See the Help page for more options.

This was a featured inspired by an nshrine user’s request. If you have something you’d like added to nshrine, let me know.

One Response to “Twitter Candles”

  1. br_ogam Says:

    Thank you for this useful feature: it’s the whole reason I actually signed up with Twitter.

    There have been many occasions I would have liked to light a candle upon hearing/learning of daily events, but have neither access to my home or a place of worship which offers candles. With my phone, I can use Twitter and the 21st c. virtual shrines at nshrine.com to meet this age-old need.

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