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February 23, 2009

New Ways To Light A Candle Through Twitter

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We have new ways of lighting candles on nshrine through twitter.

You can still light a candle in the twitter shrine just by sending a twitter to the nshrine account. Try sending “@nshrine happy day!” in twitter now to see it work. That all you need to do. You’ll get a link back to the candle you’ve lit.

New/changed options:

  • To pick a color other than yellow, add a ‘#’ followed by the mood or, now, color name. See http://nshrine.com/help/twittercandles.htmlfor list.
  • To pick a shrine other than the twitter shrine, add a ‘:’ followed by the shrine name. (Note: this used to be ‘@’. This will no longer work.)
  • To light a candle for another twitter user, add a ‘@’ some place after the ‘@nshrine’ at the beginning. This will link to the user AND send them a tweet about the candle.

See http://nshrine.com/help/twittercandles.html for more information and examples.

This was a featured inspired by an nshrine user’s request. Others are on the way. If you have something you’d like added to nshrine, let me know.

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