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May 25, 2015

nshrine closing

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It’s been a pleasure operating nshrine.com.  For over eight years, we’ve provided a free space for people to set up memorials, places of support, places of worship and places for friends.

Earlier this year, a community came into nshrine, bringing with them unresolved conflicts, quickly turning nshrine into a place of battle, including expanding their battle into shrines not involved with their squabbles.  Our resources were already stretched working a new edition with many new features.  The task of babysitting this group began absorbing all those resources. At that point nshrine became unsustainable.

If you have paid for a current premium service for your shrine, please email artwells@nshrine.com for a refund.

We may be bringing nshrine.com back online some day. It just won’t be very soon.

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