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May 25, 2015

nshrine closing

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It’s been a pleasure operating nshrine.com.  For over eight years, we’ve provided a free space for people to set up memorials, places of support, places of worship and places for friends.

Earlier this year, a community came into nshrine, bringing with them unresolved conflicts, quickly turning nshrine into a place of battle, including expanding their battle into shrines not involved with their squabbles.  Our resources were already stretched working a new edition with many new features.  The task of babysitting this group began absorbing all those resources. At that point nshrine became unsustainable.

If you have paid for a current premium service for your shrine, please email artwells@nshrine.com for a refund.

We may be bringing nshrine.com back online some day. It just won’t be very soon.

June 7, 2010

Celebrating the 100,000th candle

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nshrine keeps growing steadily and hosting some great community and creativity. Earlier today the 100,000th candle was placed.

To celebrate, temporary discounts on premium, ad-free shrines are in effect. A year, long ad-free shrine is only $15. Go find a shrine and make a gift to it, or better create your own and remove the ads for a whole year while these discounts are in place.

This also opens a new era for nshrine. I have great plans for the rest of the year and hope to offer many new features. Stay tunes.

January 14, 2009

Facebook Shrines by nshrine

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I’m happy to announce the availability of nshrine-backed shrines for facebook users.  If you’ve got an account, do check out http://apps.facebook.com/nshrine/ and tell us how it goes.

The facebook application design process has helped shaped the goals for the next version of nshrine. Your feedback can help even further.

While the facebook shrines and accounts aren’t accessible to nshrine shrines and accounts, their data are all in the same place. If the facebook application grows significantly, we will have the two operating together and any shrines and accounts you create in either will be accessible to both. Stay tuned.

November 28, 2008

500 Shrines and Free Gift Candles

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This morning nshrine began hosting 500 shrines. Though shrines are added and removed every day, today marks the first day that over 500 shrines were active at once.

To celebrate, each nshrine member qualifies for a free “gift candle”. Gift candles allow you to remove advertising and enable privacy for the shrine of your choice for one week.

To get your free candle, go here:

To learn more about gift candles, go here:

November 24, 2008

Orange Candles of Joy

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Orange candles, with the suggested meaning of “Joy”, have been added to the candle selection on all shrines on nshrine.com. We’ve also received suggestions in to make the candle colors configurable by the shrine’s maintainer. That should be a feature in the near future, but this color came as a quick possibility at just the right time.

Thanks to Serendipity, maintainer of the InfinitePossibility shrine, for the suggestion. Do you have a suggestion? Email artwells@nshrine.com with your thoughts.

November 15, 2008

25,000 candles and growing

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This morning, <a href=”http://artwells.com/”>nshrine.com</a> got its 25,000th candle placed.  Though this milestone is a big one, there is still so much more to create and play with on this site.  Growth and positive feedback has been steady and encouraging.  Thank you all!  To celebrate, I’ve turned off all shrine ads for the next couple days.

November 13, 2008

Private Shrines Available Now

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At long last, nshrine is offering privacy settings for your shrines.  This means you can set a shrine to allow only yourself, only your friends, or only nshrine members to see your shrine and its candles. The default will allow anyone to see your shrine, as it has been to this point.  You can still idependently limit candle placing to yourself, friends or members.

This new feature will be available only to advertising free shrines after December 1st of this year, so give it a try for free this month and see if it’s right for you.

July 9, 2008

Advertising Free Shrines For A Week

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Thanks to all of you, nshrine.com is becoming a success.  To celebrate several minor milestones this week, I’ve made all current shrines advertising free for a week.  Those of you that have ad-free shrines already will have one free week added.

To learn how to keep your shrines ad-free status, you can click on the “Keep Ads Off This Shrine” button on any ad-free shrine.  (In shrines with advertisements, you will be able to find this information through the “Remove Ads From This Shrine” button.)  If you don’t want to have the Keep/Remove buttons in your shrine, you can block this through the “Change Shrine Settings”.

If you haven’t checked your shrine out in a while, or haven’t visited others, now is a good time.  You can start here:
If you haven’t got any shrines yet, get started

Thanks again for using nshrine and spreading the word.